Brake Repairs

Brake Maintenance and Repairs in Liphook

At our Liphook garage, the Lodge Automotive team provides a wide array of brake repair and maintenance services. We’re the specialist brake experts in Hampshire and the surrounding areas, with years of experience delivering brake repairs and maintenance to countless clients in the region.

When your brakes need servicing, it’s vital that you get them checked as soon as possible. Our team work from our garage in Liphook to give you the best possible service when you need it most, offering both emergency brake repairs and standard maintenance to get your car back on the road as soon as we can.

From our base in Hampshire, the team at Lodge Automotive work hard to keep updated on the latest training and advice on how to offer our clients the best brake maintenance, aimed at ensuring that your brakes work as efficiently as possible when you need them the most. We’re also one of the most experienced teams of mechanics in Liphook, and utilising our vast knowledge of brake issues and how to repair them allows us to give our clients the service that you deserve.

Signs Your Car Brakes Are Not Working Properly:

  • Your brakes don’t stop your car as well as they used to
  • They make a grinding sound
  • They make a squealing noise
  • There are leaks on the inner wheels
  • Your car is pulling to the left or right
  • There is a vibration
  • Your brake pedal sinks to the floor
  • There is a warning light on dashboard
  • The handbrake is sticking
  • The handbrake travels up an excessively long way

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If you think that you might need brake repairs or servicing in Hampshire, be sure to check out the best team in the region. We’re always more than happy to help with any questions and concerns you might have about your brakes and can deliver expert, impartial advice to help you with your car.

Call 07973 767829 today to speak with one of our experienced mechanics in Liphook today, or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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