Money Saving Tips For Fuel

May 2022

Find out why fuel prices have been steadily rising since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. We have all felt the effect of the rise in fuel prices, but why is fuel so expensive? Read More


April 2022

Discover more about the new regulations that the RAC have been working hard to introduce, in order to create more reasonable parking fines across the UK. Read More

Car Thefts and HPI Checks

March 2022

With car theft on the rise it is more important than ever to know the importance of HPI checks when buying a car.  Read More

Pavement Parking

February 2022

Find out more about some of the proposed changes to pavement parking which are widely expected to come into force later on during the year. Read More


January 2022

Discover the best tips and tricks to keep safe on the roads during the winter fog. At Lodge Automotive, we’re keen to ensure that the roads stay safe even in the worst weather, so check out our tips here.  Read More

Tik Tok

December 2021

Find out more about how to properly de-ice your windshield, contrary to some popular Tik Tok advice which has gained more than 23 million views! Read More

Electric Vehicles

November 2021

At Lodge Automotive, we really enjoyed learning more about the Earthshot Prize and hearing the inspiring stories and ingenious ways people are trying to tackle climate change and protect our planet. Learn more about the benefits of electric vehicles here. Read More

No time to die

October 2021

Find out about the technology behind James Bond’s latest car and the new electric version of Aston Martin’s offerings. Read More

Road Trip Anyone

September 2021

Discover more about the changes to number plates that come into effect this month. Make sure that your holidays aren’t affected! Read More


August 2021

Find out more about Arrival, a new company in Banbury dedicated to producing an all-electric fleet of commercial vehicles – including buses.  Read More

Travelling With Dogs

July 2021

Direct Line Pet Insurance has stated that over a third of dog owners do not safely secure their dogs when travelling in the car. In fact, many drivers leave their dogs loose on the back seats, in the boot without a gate, on a passenger’s lap or even on the front seat. Read More


June 2021

When you fill up your car with unleaded petrol, you will be using E5 unleaded petrol. The E stands for ethanol and the 5 means it contains up to 5% renewable ethanol. E5 is the current petrol grade in the UK but not for much longer.  Read More

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