June 2024

Nearly 75% of drivers believe that many speed limit signs will be covered up by overgrown foliage at this time of year, with 30mph signs – which are used in smaller villages and towns – the most commonly obscured, according to a recent survey.

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May 2024

In the House of Commons, the introduction of self-driving cars onto UK roads took a massive leap forwards as it was met with an unopposed third reading meaning it could soon be law. 

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14M Trips

March 2024

Over the Easter period, the RAC expect a staggering 14 million leisure trips to be made in the UK. According to forecasts, Good Friday could be the worst day for drivers with long delays as an estimated 2.6 million people make their getaway. If you are planning an Easter trip, the advice is to try to avoid travelling between 11am and 3pm when they expect the heaviest traffic. Wherever you go, have a great time and stay safe! Read more.


February 2024

A recent report by Transport & Environment (T&E) has found that most new cars across Europe are getting wider. According to latest research, new cars have been getting wider by an average of 1cm every 2 years. This is great news for larger families. BUT, it means that many new cars are now too wide for a standard on-street parking space. Read more

January 2024

According to recent data, the RAC attended a whopping 30,000 pothole-related breakdowns last year which is an increase of 33% on previous years. Sadly, with the cold weather upon us, the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better. That is because potholes are created when surface water freezes and expands. Read More.

Heavy floods & Rain

November 2023

With the current heavy rainfall causing an increase in breakdowns, it’s crucial to prioritise safety. Avoid unnecessary trips in floods, plan routes beforehand, check vehicle essentials, and maintain safe driving distances. For a winter check, contact us to stay safe on the roads! Read More.

10% Road Deaths Increase

October 2023

Many are calling for the government to reintroduce casualty reduction targets which were scrapped in 2010. Find out more about how road deaths have risen over the last year. Read More.


August 2023

With increasing agrression being shown towards learner drivers during lessons and tests, the Department of Transport have decided to take action. Read More.

ULEZ Expansion 2023

July 2023

First introduced to help improve air quality in and around London, the ULEZ scheme is due to expand to all London boroughs. A daily charge to enter Greater London has now been put in place. Read More.

Flip Flops & Bare Foot Driving

June 2023

With record temperatures hitting the UK this summer, many people will be opting for flip flops as their preferred choice of footwear. But, what are the laws regarding footwear whilst driving? Read More.


May 2023

With roadside littering getting worse and worse, something must be done to combat the issues that drivers and locals are facing as a result. Find out what the Clean Up Britain group is demanding to help deter those littering. Read More.

Highway Code

April 2023

It is estimated that 55% of all road users are not aware of the updated ‘Hierarchy of Road Users’.  Find out more about some of the updated rules that aim to protect more vulnerable road users. Read More.

Who Needs a Map?

March 2023

Sat navs are a great tool to help you find the quickest route to any given destination, but does this come at a cost for residential areas? Read More.

Parking Spaces

February 2023

Are you looking to make some extra money from your parking space? Read more about ‘Your Parking Space’ here to find out how you can turn your empty parking space into a money maker. Read More.

Winter Driving

January 2023

Check out some of the big mistakes that people make when driving in the winter. We have also put together a list of important items for your winter breakdown kit. Read More.

Problems with E10 Petrol

December 2022

Despite E10 petrol originally being launched as an eco-friendly and greener petrol, there have been many reported issues as a direct result of its use. Read More.

How to Find Cheaper Fuel

November 2022

With fuel prices rising, it is more important than ever to find the cheapest possible fuel, we have provided a list of some of the best comparison sites for you to browse next time you are buying fuel. Read More.

Lower Speeding Threshold

October 2022

There have been recent changes made to the speeding limits in the UK. Learn about all the latest updates here. Read More.

Driving Law Updates

September 2022

Driving laws are constantly changing so at Lodge Automotive we have put together a list of important law changes that you might not have known about. Read More.

Driving in the Extreme Heat

August 2022

Research has suggested that driving in extreme heat can increase the chance of you breaking down. Find out about the steps you should take to make your journey in the heat as safe as possible. Read More.

Countryside and Coastal Trips

July 2022

The UK is home to some of the most stunning coastal and countryside locations in the world. Plan your next road trip on one of these impressive roads. Read More.

Airless tyres

June 2022

Find out more about the research going into the airless tyre design that could help you avoid ever getting a puncture again. These lower-maintenance, puncture-free and recyclable tyres could be the perfect alternative to air-filled tyres. Read More

Money Saving Tips For Fuel

May 2022

Find out why fuel prices have been steadily rising since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. We have all felt the effect of the rise in fuel prices, but why is fuel so expensive? Read More


April 2022

Discover more about the new regulations that the RAC have been working hard to introduce, in order to create more reasonable parking fines across the UK. Read More

Car Thefts and HPI Checks

March 2022

With car theft on the rise it is more important than ever to know the importance of HPI checks when buying a car.  Read More

Pavement Parking

February 2022

Find out more about some of the proposed changes to pavement parking which are widely expected to come into force later on during the year. Read More


January 2022

Discover the best tips and tricks to keep safe on the roads during the winter fog. At Lodge Automotive, we’re keen to ensure that the roads stay safe even in the worst weather, so check out our tips here.  Read More

Tik Tok

December 2021

Find out more about how to properly de-ice your windshield, contrary to some popular Tik Tok advice which has gained more than 23 million views! Read More

Electric Vehicles

November 2021

At Lodge Automotive, we really enjoyed learning more about the Earthshot Prize and hearing the inspiring stories and ingenious ways people are trying to tackle climate change and protect our planet. Learn more about the benefits of electric vehicles here. Read More

No time to die

October 2021

Find out about the technology behind James Bond’s latest car and the new electric version of Aston Martin’s offerings. Read More

Road Trip Anyone

September 2021

Discover more about the changes to number plates that come into effect this month. Make sure that your holidays aren’t affected! Read More


August 2021

Find out more about Arrival, a new company in Banbury dedicated to producing an all-electric fleet of commercial vehicles – including buses.  Read More

Travelling With Dogs

July 2021

Direct Line Pet Insurance has stated that over a third of dog owners do not safely secure their dogs when travelling in the car. In fact, many drivers leave their dogs loose on the back seats, in the boot without a gate, on a passenger’s lap or even on the front seat. Read More

What is e10 unleaded petrol?

June 2021

When you fill up your car with unleaded petrol, you will be using E5 unleaded petrol. The E stands for ethanol and the 5 means it contains up to 5% renewable ethanol. E5 is the current petrol grade in the UK but not for much longer.  Read More

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