Vehicle Diagnostics


If you have seen an alarming warning light or fault code on your dashboard, Lodge Automotive are here to help. Our team of experts have years of experience in delivering effective solutions to a wide range of issues your car may be facing. With all modern vehicles having onboard computers, our team can track and regulate a range of important parameters to make sure your vehicle is working the way it should be.

At Lodge Automotive our team of experts utilise a diagnostics check to monitor things such as electrical engine components, emissions, engine temperature and even windscreen wipers alongside a lot more. This gives us the ability to accurately find solutions to any issues your car may be facing, allowing you to get back on the road as safely and quickly as possible.

When something goes wrong, these computers generate error codes that can only be read by special diagnostic equipment. A warning light on your dashboard may appear, but it only provides part of a full picture.

If your check engine light is lit, it is critical that a technician inspects your vehicle as soon as possible to prevent serious damage to your vehicle’s engine. Particularly, if your engine management light is blinking, which normally indicates a serious problem or emergency.

One of the most beneficial technical developments in the automotive industry over the decades has been the computerisation of the car’s components, which has benefited both customers and auto technicians. Thanks to built-in processors, microchips, and sensors, car diagnostic tools can easily and reliably point to problem areas in a car’s engine or elsewhere using specialised software.



Save time and money

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Why Choose Lodge Automotive?

At Lodge Automotive, our trained technicians will be able to advise you on any recommended repairs to resolve the issue and prevent any further damage or potential damage to your vehicle. We have the most up-to-date car diagnostic test equipment available to troubleshoot system alerts and check engine lights, allowing our technicians to spot problems before they become severe. For any of your vehicle diagnostics needs across Surrey, Liphook, Hampshire and surrounding areas, Lodge Automotive are here to help.

Please call 07973 767829 or complete the form on our contact us page to arrange an appointment.

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