Seasonal Checks


Even though modern cars are designed to survive extreme temperature changes, extended exposure to either freezing or scorching temperatures has the potential to cause difficulties. When cars are forced to work in hot, dry conditions for weeks at a time during the summer, this can have an influence on performance and safety, so it is critical to keep up with their maintenance and upkeep.

Anyone who has tried to start a car in sub-zero conditions knows that the cold is not a motorist’s friend. Most of us have had battery issues during the winter, but there are a variety of other ways that cold can damage your car in the short, medium and long term. The good news is that most of these issues are avoidable.

While cold weather is punishing on car batteries, the heat of summer can take its toll too. Very hot weather can hinder the chemical processes inside car batteries, meaning they can struggle to hold charge and produce enough power.

Car cooling systems must work much harder in severe weather, both when it is very warm and freezing cold. Their job is to keep the engine working at the right temperature, so when it is hot, they have got a lot more work to do.

Car tyres and hot temperatures do not get along and this is because the heat causes the air inside the tyre to expand, producing over-inflation and, in extreme cases, tyre wall bulging. Every year, around 300,000 tyre-related breakdowns occur, with many of them occurring during the summer months when people are unaware that their tyres are set at the incorrect pressure.

When your car’s running hot in the summer, the oil circulating around the engine will thin slightly due to the heat. This can mean that some parts of the engine do not get the protection they need, resulting in increased friction and the potential for engine damage. Even with additives designed to prevent it, cold temperatures can cause oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, and other essential fluids to thicken. Thickened fluids travel more slowly, which is particularly harmful when it comes to transmission fluids, which must circulate freely to sustain performance.

Most cars now come with air conditioning as standard, which is great news for the summer months. The thing is, if you do not maintain your car’s air conditioning system throughout the year, it might not have the power to cool you down when the temperatures really start to climb. But did you know that your cars air conditioning actually heats better than it cools. No, we wouldn’t lie to you, it really does. Your air conditioning system is really good at clearing the condensation off your windscreen, removing the moisture from the air and warming the car in the cold winter months so it is ideal for year-round use.

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