A Brief History of MOT Testing

Under the leadership of the then-Minister of Transport, the MOT test was first adopted on a voluntary basis on September 12, 1960 under powers in the Road Traffic Act 1956. The test was initially intended to be a simple examination of the braking system, lights, and steering after the vehicle was ten years old and then every year after that. The “Ten-Year Test,” or the “Ministry of Transport Test,” came to be regarded as a result of this. The voluntary period ended in 1961. As years went by, new items and different standards were introduced – and continue to be introduced – to the MOT test which is compulsory and a legal requirement.

MOT Testing Centres in the United Kingdom are regulated and licenced by the Department of Transport and the DVSA, and individual testers performing the inspections must also be qualified and certified.

Our MOT Services:

The decision to pass or fail each presented vehicle is left to the tester’s discretion, based on the DVSA’s guidelines. Please see below some of the items and standards that are tested:

Identification of the vehicle

Registration plate and VINs


Brake condition and operation


Mechanical condition, power steering and electronic power steering (EPS)


Field of vision, condition of glass, wipes and washers and bonnet catch


Noise, exhaust emissions, engine malfunction indicator lamp and fluid leaks

Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment

Headlamp, position lamps, daytime running lamps, stop lamps, indicators, hazard warning lamps, fog lamps, reversing lamps and lighting tell-tales

Axels, wheels, tyres and suspension

Axel, wheel bearings, wheels and tyres, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and suspension including springs, shock absorbers and suspension arms and joints

Body structure and attachments

Structure and attachments including exhaust system and bumpers and body and interior including doors, catches, seats and floor

Other Equipment

Seat belts and restraint systems, airbags, anti-theft devices, horn, speedometer and electronic stability control (ESC)

If your MOT is due and looking for a reliable MOT testing centres in Surrey, Liphook, Hampshire & other nearby areas please call 07973 767829 or complete the form on our contact us page to book. Don’t worry if you don’t know when your MOT test is due. Simply, type your registration number and vehicle make into the following website This will confirm your MOT and Tax status.

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