travelling with dogs

Travelling with Dogs

July 2021

Direct Line Pet Insurance has stated that over a third of dog owners do not safely secure their dogs when travelling in the car. In fact, many drivers leave their dogs loose on the back seats, in the boot without a gate, on a passenger’s lap or even on the front seat.

Rule 57 of the Highway Code states that when a dog is in a vehicle, they must be adequately restrained so they cannot distract you. There are a couple of options which include the following:

  • A seat belt harness
  • A pet carrier
  • A dog cage
  • A dog guard

There isn’t a penalty for leaving a dog unrestrained in a vehicle, however it could come under careless and inconsiderate driving and carry a fine or even discretionary disqualification and points on your license. As if that wasn’t enough, your insurance policy may be denied in the event of an accident. So, maybe it’s time to pop along to your local pet store?

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