No Time To Die

The name’s Bond, James Bond!

October 2021

No Time to Die, which is Daniel Craig’s fifth and final film, has finally been released to a worldwide audience. According to Global Box Office statistics, it is Bond’s biggest opening weekend EVER and it has received rave reviews! But what is it that people love so much about James Bond? Is it the gripping plots, the deadly gadgets or the high-speed chases in some of the world’s most luxurious cars? Unsurprisingly, at Lodge Automotive, our undying love has always been for the cars. Looking back through time, it all started with a Sunbeam Alpine before moving on to a Bentley then a Lotus and quite a few Aston Martin’s. It is so hard to choose a favourite so we won’t ask you to share. But, if like us, your favourite Bond car of all time is the Aston Martin, then we have some very exciting news. Drum roll please! Aston Martin has made an electric model. The Rapide E is their first ever electric car. Years in the making, it boasts a 6L V12 and is the world’s first luxury brand of electric car. When it’s launched, it will have the highest torque of any Aston Martin that has ever been created and the company claim the real-world performance will be close to the DBS Superleggera. Let’s get saving, it goes on sale in 2025!

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