Driving in Heavy Rain & Floods


At Lodge Automotive, we cannot believe how wet it is at the moment. It’s not surprising to learn that the number of breakdowns has significantly increased in this type of weather. In heavy rain and floods, it is always best to avoid car trips where possible. If you must travel, follow our tips for staying safe on the roads:

  • Plan your journey in advance, and try to avoid roads that have the potential to flood.

  • Allow yourself extra time to reach your destination 

  • Let your family and friends know your intended route and ETA

  • Check your windscreen wipers work on all speed settings

  • Check your lights work 

  • Check you have enough fuel

  • Check your tyres are legal (go to www.protyre.co.uk for further advice)

  • Check your oil

Remember, the Highway Code states that stopping distances will be at least double in wet conditions as your tyres have less grip on the road, so make sure you reduce your speed and allow more space between you and the vehicle in front. If you would like a winter check, give us a call. Stay safe! 

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